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This wiki exists to serve as documentation for the Federati sites, for the concept of federation, and to list and link some information about federated networks.

About Federati.Net

Socius, who proudly calls himself a Geek in Arizona, established Federati as a public StatusNet instance sometime in 2013. However, at that time, the StatusNet / GNU Social code required minor edits to run successfully on PHP 5.4, and much more editing to run on PHP 5.5. After a few times of system software upgrades blowing up the StatusNet instance, he announced its shutdown.

The user formerly known as Lnxwalt, now known as lnxw37 and lnxw48, who tries to maintain some level of privacy, agreed to take it over. Some months later, at the end of the year, the new instance was relaunched.

Currently, Federati Networks operates:

Federati Problems

As with any project, there are some problems. I'll try to summarize some of them here. There is a page dedicated to Federati Problems, where we will try to keep a more full account.

  • Not an organization yet – To date (as of 2014-04-25), Federati Networks is not an organization, but a single person. In order to have a shot at the goals I'd like to see accomplished, Federati needs to be an organization and to have several people involved in managing and operating the federated communications services that we (hope to) offer.
  • No clear statement of what Federati Networks should seek to accomplish. Without this, it will be difficult to enlist the help of others.
  • Currently offering StatusNet, Friendica, XMPP, but some sort of Single Sign-On is needed, particularly one in which creating an account <username> automatically creates that account on each of our sites and services.

(Removed “solved” problems from list.)

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